Sketch vs Photoshop

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I have used both Sketch and Photoshop for web design. Sketch, by far, has some key items that are immense timesavers. Check out more details at Sketch vs Photoshop.


Maintaining Accessibility in a Responsive World

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This is an excellent read and addresses issues such as accessible hiding, and content toggles. In regards to focus order, this article brought up a good point about that the visual presentation on a screen might not match the DOM order because of the ability to reorder content through CSS (thanks to floats and flexbox).

Alternatives to hamburger menus

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Some interesting alternative to hamburger menus on mobile. The tabbed approach works very well if users will be jumping back and forth between these different places in the app. I think it really depends on the app or website content and intended user interactions on it as to which type of menu to use.

Adventure Finder – Your next outdoor experience is waiting

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Check out a recent personal project I have been working on! It is a design for an app called ‘Adventure Finder’.

People who love the outdoors are always seeking new adventures and destinations to discover. Designing an app that caters to this need to explore and share experiences will assist users with planning their next trip.

See the prototype here:

See the full case study here: