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This website presents information in a very graphical way with unique transitions between sections.


Capturing authentic moments in a photo

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5 Things To Avoid If You Want To Photograph Authentic Moments

Is Slack replacing email?

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Slack is an app designed to act more like an instant messenger. It is available on desktop and devices (iOS, Android and Windows).

It seems like a great way for teams within a company to communicate with one another. You can upload a file and multiple people can comment on the same file. This is more difficult with email because the attachment might not be sent every time someone responds to the email. It can be a hassle to dig through old emails to find which one had the attachment. Slack seems like it would solve that problem by having the file available in the conversation.

I don’t think it will ever completely replace email at any point in the near future, but it is definitely something to look into.

See more about the app here: Slack

Project Comet

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Project Comet is a new prototyping software that is being developed by Adobe. It allows for designers to present the workflow of various pages in a website or app. There is also the option to add some basic animations based on actions of the user. This will greatly increase workflow because the rest of the team and the clients can see the prototype and interact with it. They can give feedback before the coding has be rolled out for the animations. It will save time and increase productivity. I am really looking forward to see what Adobe has to offer for Project Comet.

Check out more here:

Sketch vs. Photoshop


It looks like it might be time to switch to Sketch for web and app design. This article compares Sketch and Photoshop and every time, Sketch sounded like the better option. That isn’t to say that Photoshop isn’t need for other applications… just to say that Sketch seems more when it comes to designing websites and apps.