Adventure Finder – Your next outdoor experience is waiting

My Work, UX/UI

Check out a recent personal project I have been working on! It is a design for an app called ‘Adventure Finder’.

People who love the outdoors are always seeking new adventures and destinations to discover. Designing an app that caters to this need to explore and share experiences will assist users with planning their next trip.

See the prototype here:

See the full case study here:


The Walk Cycle

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There are various ways to accomplish 2D character rigging for a walk cycle in After Effects. These are the two ways that I have experimented with it and my result is shown below.

My Result:

Puppet Pin Tool

Inverse Kinematics

Entry for 5 Second Challenge – Paradise

Motion Graphics Videos, My Work

Check out my clip for the 5 Second Challenge with a theme of ‘Paradise’.

I took a bit of a different approach to this theme. Instead of the regular palm trees or beach scene that is often associated with paradise, I decided to just portray summer. I love summer and it is my own personal paradise.