Sketch vs Photoshop

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I have used both Sketch and Photoshop for web design. Sketch, by far, has some key items that are immense timesavers. Check out more details at Sketch vs Photoshop.


Project Comet

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Project Comet is a new prototyping software that is being developed by Adobe. It allows for designers to present the workflow of various pages in a website or app. There is also the option to add some basic animations based on actions of the user. This will greatly increase workflow because the rest of the team and the clients can see the prototype and interact with it. They can give feedback before the coding has be rolled out for the animations. It will save time and increase productivity. I am really looking forward to see what Adobe has to offer for Project Comet.

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Sketch vs. Photoshop


It looks like it might be time to switch to Sketch for web and app design. This article compares Sketch and Photoshop and every time, Sketch sounded like the better option. That isn’t to say that Photoshop isn’t need for other applications… just to say that Sketch seems more when it comes to designing websites and apps.